About Our Behavioral Health Practice




​Above and Beyond Community Services is a psychotherapy counseling practice. We have a group of warm, experienced, licensed, and highly trained mental health professionals dedicated to the delivery of high-quality service. Our aim is to provide compassionate, quality mental health care in a confidential and professional atmosphere. 

Our mental health professionals have post-degree training which equips them with the skills necessary to provide help to each of their patients. We strive to help each patient achieve their goals.


Our therapists utilize multidimensional therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, trauma focus treatment, grief and loss, and other evidence-based approaches. Our team has extensive experience treating children and adolescents;  adults with dual diagnosis, families, and relationship counseling.


We also have a great team of psychiatric medical practitioners who will provide psychiatric evaluations and medication management, when medically necessary. 


Call our office today, we can discuss your preferences and needs, and we will work together to decrease life stressors and restore homeostasis.