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Social and Emotional Development

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In our Social and Emotional Development program, we provide a safe nurturing environment which is designed to improve your child's social and emotional skills. The program is led by our team with many years of experience changing maladaptive behaviors to desirable and healthy behaviors. Each session is consist of a well-crafted therapeutic activity in which your child will think of as fun.



• Children selected for safety and social/emotional growth


• Addresses issues not reachable with the single-client model


 • Broadens and deepens social and emotional development

   through real-life experience


 • Realistic social environment with a range of ages and

    personal characteristics


 • Planned, achievable therapeutic goals


 • Usually covered by health insurance


 • Program ratio (e.g., 1 therapist to 3-4 children)



                         Areas of Focus:


 • Constructive conflict resolution


• Support of others: the importance of giving

   and the responsibility of receiving


 • Enhancing sensory experiences


• Increased ability to play with others


• Mutual respect and tolerance


• Self reliance

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